Talk About Talk About God

Talk About Talk About God (Chapter 11)

How do we talk about God with our modern common sense?  After a short digression through logical positivism, post-Newtonian physics, and the mind-body connection, we conclude that we can talk about God today.  The problems are the usual simple rules of language, that are too often ignored.  Either we use words to mean what they usually do, or in a recognizable analogy, or else we are talking nonsense.  (Of course, you can always explicitly give a special definition to a word when you use it — but then you have actually created a new word.)

God: Concepts and Images (Chapter 12)

Where do we “see” God?  One place we see God is in the pattern of the Universe:  In the fact that there is a pattern (which we so readily take for granted); in the existence of life and consciousness (ditto); in ethics and aesthetics.  And in the fact of love — the fact that as humans we gain our highest and best character only when we act in love.   We also briefly suggest some other images for God.

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