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Below are a few links to liberal and progressive Christian resources;
please feel free to send us your suggestions for links.

The Center for Progressive Christianity provides guiding ideas, networking opportunities, lists of curriculum, tools for finding others, and other resources for progressive churches, organizations, and individuals:   The Center for Progressive Christianity

The following Facebook pages:
Unfundamentalist Christians” at:

Christians Tired of Being Misrepresented” at:

John Pavlovitz (blogger):

The Sea of Faith promotes religious faith as a human creation, and affirms the continuing validity of religious thought and practice as a celebration of values, with a page on Christian doctrinal diversity: Sea of Faith lists numerous liberal and progressive Christian websites and blogs at

General Resources:  Religion Online is a website with numerous articles and books from legitimate religious scholars available in full text (in MS Word).  Common Sense Christianity is available at this site:  Click here

To view all of the publications on that website:  Religion Online full text resources.

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